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Floor Insurance

Protecting Homeowners and Businesses

Flooding poses numerous different risks, including structural damage, asset loss, personal injury, and electrical fires. These and other risks can be very costly, and for this reason people need protection. Insurance provides this protection and at Riskguard Insurance Solutions, Inc. we have a complete flood insurance program. We write solutions through this program that are customized to the needs of individual clients and we’ll write a customized solution for you. You’ll have the greatest possible protection for the right price.

Flood Insurance Coverage Details

Recently in California dams that were built in the 1900s have begun to falter as a result of deterioration, and the consequences of this deterioration include that floods are more likely in specific areas. This is one reason among other reasons why Californians need flood insurance. This type of insurance generally protects structures and belongings and it protects against personal injuries. It’s a standalone policy.

There are two primary types of flood insurance coverage, and these are replacement cost value (RCV) and actual cash value (ACV). Sometimes you can choose which of these two types of coverage to have for your flood insurance policy and other times you cannot. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) determines that certain coverages can be had at RCV and other coverages can be had at ACV. An advantage however, of working with an independent insurance agent is that he or she can provide you with greater coverage options than the federal government can. At Riskguard Insurance Solutions we can provide you with these options.

If you want to determine the flood-risk level of the area in which you live, use the FEMA Map Service Center’s search tool. Your flood insurance costs will be determined in part by the level of flood risk in your area.

What you can expect

In the event of a flood you’ll need coverage that keeps you from suffering financial losses that are unnecessary. You’ll also need someone who can support you through the process of contending with the flood. At Riskguard Insurance we work carriers such as America’s Flood Services, Selective Flood and Palomar Specialty Flood to ensure that you have the right solution. Once this solution is in place we monitor it regularly and we keep you informed. We actively manage risk so that you don’t suffer undue losses and so that you have less of a chance of having to use your insurance.

We’re reachable at almost all times, so if you need to get a hold of us, you can.

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